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Do you ever feel that things are getting out of control? That you cannot or do not want to talk about it with anyone? Discuss subjects such as relationships, family and childrearing, finding a balance between your work and private life, loneliness, overload, lack of confidence, experience of violence or material issues with a social worker at P&G Zevenhuizen, who can support you, mediate with problems and answer questions.

Question & Answers

It can be difficult to make ends meet with not much money. If you spend too much money in addition to all your regular expenses, this can lead to debts or other money problems. Perhaps you have debts and you do not know how to handle that. Perhaps you have questions about how you can get by on not much money, or do you want to know how you can avoid getting into debt? Do you want to know whether you are entitled to a rent allowance or a benefit?

You can turn to us with all your questions. In any case, do not wait too long. Then you just keep worrying, and the worries will only get bigger. A social worker will help you, so you can get an answer to all your financial questions quickly.

For legal advise and relevant workshops you could also check out the Proud website.

Relationships can be quite complicated, whether with your sister or brother, your partner or your friends. Your work may make it even more complicated. Perhaps you often argue, your partner is jealous, or there is even domestic violence. Perhaps you just met someone nice, but you do not know how to talk about your work. The profession of a sex worker is also sometimes quite difficult for family and friends, and that can make you feel uncertain.

In these situations, it can be a great relief to talk to a social worker. They offer a listening ear, give advice and help you on your way. A social worker can support you in various ways and help you, for example, to gain more self-confidence.

The work of a sex worker can be quite stressful. Are you not unhappy? Or are you suffering from mood swings or depression? Are you lonely, or do you suffer from stress? Especially if you have been experiencing this for a long time, it can be helpful to talk to someone about it. Talking about your feelings can be a great relief. Together with a social work, you can investigate what you need and what help is available.

Raising children can be fun, but it is also sometimes a real challenge. Especially if you often have to work in the evening or are away from home. Do you notice that your child is exhibiting difficult behaviour, but you do not know how to deal with it? Do you feel that your connection with your child is not as it should be? Has your child discovered what kind of work you do? Or do you notice that your children have changed since you divorced? Do you see that they are sad, but do not know how to comfort them? Do you feel like something is wrong with your child, but do not know what you can do? Or are there a lot of arguments? Certainly during puberty, the conflicts can sometimes escalate.

A social worker can support you and offer you a listening ear, but can also provide you with information and advice.

Do you have problems maintaining your home? Can you not pay the rent, or are you about to be evicted from your home? Do you have problems with your landlord? Do you (temporarily) have no roof over your head? Or do you have a nice house, but you would like to know whether you are entitled to rent allowance?

Unfortunately, a social worker cannot help you get a house, but they can guide you along the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Dutch language is quite complicated. Do you need help with reading, for example? Do you not understand a letter that you have received? Do you have difficulty filling out forms? Do you not understand what is expected of you? 

Here, too, a social worker can help you.

Would you like to learn to speak Dutch? And would you like to learn how to read and write it? The GGD offers Dutch language courses, in collaboration with ROC. Complete the registration form below.

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