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Health & Sex

If you work as a sex worker, your health is important. How can you protect yourself as well as possible against health risks? Recognizing STIs, testing for pregnancy and hygiene recommendations.

Starting & Stopping

When you start doing sex work, there are a number of things that you need to think about. Where you want to work, and what do you have to do for it? What are my rights and obligations? Stopping sex work can also raise many questions. How do things work then financially? Am I entitled to a benefit? Or do you have questions about finding another job?

Need help?

Do you ever feel that things are getting out of control? That you cannot or do not want to talk about it with anyone? Discuss subjects such as relationships, family and childrearing, finding a balance between your work and private life, loneliness, overload, lack of confidence, experience of violence or material issues with a social worker at P&G Zevenhuizen, who can support you, mediate with problems and answer questions.

Unwanted contact

Do you work as a sex worker, but do not do this voluntarily? Do you have had a sexual contact against your will? Or do you have other abuses that do not involve sexual contact? See what you can do.

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