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Seven dedicated people work at P&G Zevenhuizen. The sexual health doctors and nurses work for GGD Hollands Noorden. The social worker is employed by Mee & de Wering.


Annelien has enjoyed working as a sexual health nurse at P&G Zevenhuizen since the start of 2018. She works at P&G every week, but can also frequently be found at the Achterdam in Alkmaar. You can go to Annelien to get tested for STDs, for Hepatitis B vaccinations and all kinds of questions about safety as a sex worker, like using condoms, setting boundaries with clients or tips for starting or stopping sex work. No question can shock Annelien! She also works hard to optimise healthcare for sex workers.


Marthe has worked as a doctor for P&G Zevenhuizen since 2018. She is often there for sex workers with medical issues or questions about things like e.g. contraceptives on Tuesday afternoons.

For Marthe, it’s important for anyone with symptoms to be able to see a doctor, even if they are uninsured.

At P&G Zevenhuizen, doctors and nurses will hear you without judgement. They also take the time to look at what it will take to make you feel better.


Joyce has worked at P&G Zevenhuizen since 2011. She is one of the doctors who is there on Tuesday afternoons for sex workers with medical issues.

You can go to Joyce with urinary issues, stomach aches, pain during work, pain during sex with your partner or concerns about changing vaginal discharge or questions about contraception. She can give you a medical examination with a nurse, test your urine or vaginal discharge, consult with a hospital specialist, the sexologist or pelvic physical therapist. Joyce works hard to improve healthcare for sex workers in Zevenhuizen.


In recent years, Nicolette has regularly worked at P&G Zevenhuizen. To Nicolette, it is important for sex workers to feel free to come in with any questions about their health, work or if they need to get tested for STDs.

You can also go see Nicolette at the Achterdam for information, education or someone to turn to with questions about sexuality, including topics like using condoms, contraceptives, planned or unplanned pregnancy, etc. She also goes to clubs in the area to provide information about sexual health/safe sex and she can conduct STD tests if needed.



Debbie is verpleegkundige seksuele gezondheid en sinds 2007 met veel plezier werkzaam bij het Gezondheidscentrum sekswerkers. Je kunt bij haar terecht voor soa-testen, hepatitis B vaccinaties en allerlei vragen rondom seks(werk). Debbie vindt het belangrijk dat je je welkom voelt om te kunnen vertellen wat jij wilt bespreken, je hoeft je nergens voor te schamen!

Verder voorziet ze de sekswerkers graag van informatie zodat zij hun werk prettig en veilig kunnen uitvoeren. Debbie loopt ook regelmatig samen met haar andere enthousiaste collega’s een rondje op de Achterdam en is daar dan ook een bekend gezicht.


Astrid has enjoyed working at GGD HN for quite some time. In recent years, she has worked at P&G Zevenhuizen and the Achterdam every week.

She believes it is important to approach someone without judgement and to offer them support in their sexual health where needed. This could take the form of a conversation, testing for STDs or discussing


Marianne has worked with P&G Zevenhuizen through her organisation MEE & de Wering since December 2016. You can go to her for all kinds of questions. Questions about debt and financial matters, or if you need help writing letters and filling out forms, or you’re not feeling your best, feeling lonely or asking yourself whether you still want to or still can keep doing this kind of work.To Marianne, it’s important for you to be able to stand up for yourself and dare to make the choices that are important to you.

You can see her for a talk every Monday afternoon, with or without an appointment.

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